Heavy Calcium Carbonate Powder

Moving ahead in this cutting-edge competition as a prominent organization, we are engaged in offering Heavy Calcium Carbonate Powder.

This product has low silica ns low iron which makes it suitable for various industrial as well as pharmaceutical applications. This product is suitable for Tablet and gelatin capsules where high bulk density is required. The product with Bulk density upto 1.3 gm/ cc is available.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CAL-CARB-HEAVY
  • Delivery Time: Ex stock
  • Packaging Details: 50kg/ 25Kg


Silica 0.02%
Ferric Oxide 0.02%
Alumina 0.5%
Calcium Oxide 56.10%
Magnesia Traces
Loss On Drying 0.08%
Elrepho-2000 Whiteness 98.5 %
Assay 99.5 %
Bulk Density 1 to 1.3
Grade Standard Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Precipitation State Un-Precipitated
Purity % 99.9%
Application Chemical Industry, Rubber Industry, Plastic Industry, Paper Industry

Additional Information

Delivery Time Ex stock
Packaging Details 50kg/ 25Kg

Chemical Properties

  CaCO3 PH Bulk Density Mesh
CAL-Pure (H) 98.5 9.1 1.05 500
CAL-Pure (H) 98 9.1 1.2 to 1.1 400